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Inception employees have been responding to document output needs since 1994, with strong experience in both Local Government/Education and Corporate Account Management.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

To ensure the ongoing focus remains, Inception conducts quarterly account reviews to evaluate the continuous achievement of the objectives outlined and more crucially the investments v savings associated with the implemented processes. To ensure we achieve this, account managers focus is based on on-going account management rather than single transactions.

More productive. More efficient. Less expensive.

Inception excels at providing unparalleled local support and account management, backed up by the national support of the Ricoh Family Group (which includes the Ricoh, Gestetner, Rex Rotary, Nashuatec and Lanier brands) which provides direct manufacturer support - anywhere within the UK.

Our strategic framework of Managed Document Productivity makes it faster and easier for Inception to help customers achieve and continually report on desirable outcomes. It involves a simple, four-step process:

Understand your requirements
Solve your challenges
Enable you to evaluate solutions for continuous improvement
Support you through best-in-class customer care initiatives

By working together through these four steps, we are able to focus our resources and experience on your organisation and ultimately help you improve productivity, increase efficiency, and reduce costs which collectively improve Document Return On Investment.

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